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Illumination is often overlooked withing machine vision. The quality of images obtained from a vision system can often be vastly improved by using well chosen illumination. This can reduce system costs by elliminating the need for complicated image analysis and can produce more consistent results. Laser illumination is a special case and is often used to reveal geometric information about the object or to make system measurements more accurate. Castle Finance Direct

What’s new in Illumination …

NEW High Power LED – Fibre-Optic Replacement Light Sources
The New 3W HLV-24 series of high power light sources are very small units and can completely replace the standard fibre-optic light source saving space and allowing different lighting configurations. Used in conjunction with the PP600 series controllers, a great deal of flexibility can be achieved.
LED replacements for fibre optic systems from CCS

The PP900 Series LED Lighting Controllers
The PP900 is a single output constant current supply providing very stable continuous or pulsed output for LED lighting used in machine vision. It includes the very popular Display-and-Buttons interface which allows the unit to be configured in seconds.

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