Framegrabbers and Interfacing Products

An interface of some type is required to transfer data from a camera to a host PC. This can take the form of either a framegrabber, or an interface card. A frame grabber (video capture card) captures ‘video frames’ and ‘understands’ the various timing signals in the video stream. An interface card, for FireWire or USB/USB2 is very similar to an I/O board, and handles the incoming data stream, simply delivering it into system memory. Cabling for framegrabbers and interface cards is also available in this section.

What’s new in Interface Technologies …

Coreco’s new PC2-Vision
‘Trigger to Image Reliability’ makes lesser boards look expensive. The PC2-Vision from Coreco Imaging is the latest in the PC-Vision series of framegrabbers. The PC2-Vision acquires from standard and non-standard monochrome and RGB analog sources. Bandit II RGB

Coreco’s X64-CL.
The X64-CL series is new a family of CameraLink framegrabbers designed specifically for the PCI 64 bus. They are designed for asynchronous image acquisition from multiple cameras, and is the first card to take full advantage of the new PCI 64 bus


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